Make The Best Of Your Bike Ride

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding forms of cardiovascular exercise is bicycle riding. Whether your sport of choice is cross-country, dual slalom, freeride or downhill, you know you’ll be getting a great workout when you head out on your bike for a ride. Cycling is a fun way to build strength and endurance without running a high risk of straining your knees, shins or ankles, (which can be a concern with jogging and other forms of high-impact exercise.)

Part of what makes a good Bicycle ride is the bike itself – there is a wide variety of specialized bike equipment that is tailored to fit each type of riding. Another determining factor in the quality of your ride is the clothing and shoes you wear. Bicycle Clothing that Enhances Your Ride – Devoted cyclists know that the clothing you wear during a ride makes a big difference not only in how much you enjoy yourself but also in how well you perform. Obviously, clothing that draws moisture away from the body is more comfortable to wear. Everybody sweats when they ride – that’s part of the reason for doing it – but nobody likes to go around in sopping wet clothing. At the same time, clothes that are well ventilated and quick drying improve your performance by keeping your body cooler.

bicycle rideWhen it comes to bicycle shorts, flexibility is key. A lightweight fabric like nylon is popular among serious cyclists, and spandex panels on the sides of shorts allow for greater flexibility. For the forms of riding that are more strenuous than others-mountain biking is more demanding than cross-country riding, for instance-shorts that have double stitching for extra reinforcement along the seams are a good idea.What to Look for in Bicycle EquipmentIf you’re a serious biker, you probably have some knowledge about the bicycle equipment that is best suited to your particular type of riding. For those new to the joys of cycling, there are a few easy-to-remember tips that will make shopping for bike equipment a lot easier. For mountain bikers, forks and shocks are important bike parts. A good fork gives you better steering control, and powerful shocks help absorb the impact of hard landings down the mountain side.

If you’re a cross-country bicyclist, speed is a higher priority for you than shock absorption. You want pedals and shoes that help you get the most bang for your buck. In other words: shoes with a less flexible sole will transfer more of the pedal stroke to the wheels. Flexible soled shoes will absorb some of the power of your pedal stroke, so that you’re working harder with less speed to show for it.Smart Shopping for Bicycle Parts and ClothingThere are many different manufacturers of bike parts and clothing, and each one is known for its own particular brand of excellence. It’s true that specialty vendors can be expensive sometimes but they don’t always have to be. It’s entirely possible to find discount bike parts, gear and clothing from your favorite name brands without sacrificing quality. You just need to know where to look. The best retailers will have a wide variety of brands to choose from and offer extensive descriptions of each of their products.